[Case Study] Nadine Sells Within 4 Days

[CASE STUDY] Nadine is one of the happiest home sellers in Berwick and she us tells her story about selling with R & R Real Estate and how it compares to dealing with other Real Estate agencies in the area.

Hello, my name is Nadine Curphey. I sold with R&R Real Estate. We were advertising the house at $885,000 and we achieved a sale price of $903,000. I was thrilled at the concept of possibly getting $885,000 for the house so to get $903,000 for the house, I was ecstatic. I’m not sure if I could afford to buy through R&R because of the exceptional prices that they do get for their properties. But I will absolutely always sell my properties through R&R for that exact same reason- the exceptional prices they get for their properties. I think that they get such good prices because they know the area, they live in the area and they’re local. They know how to negotiate. They know how to work well for their customer.

R&R don’t ask any money upfront. So I can put my property on the market and not have to provide money to begin with. Most agencies want some kind of upfront advertising costs; R&R is not like that. There was no skimping on the marketing at all. There was a professional photographer that came; there was full colored board that was put up in front of my house. It was obviously placed on the internet as well; it was not on the market for very long and it was sold within four days.

So I found when purchasing through other agents, I have made offers on properties and those offers are accepted almost immediately. There’s no negotiating, there’s no coming back to me and pushing for a little bit more. I felt it’s quite easy to purchase the property at the price that I want to buy for.

With R&R being on the other side, being a seller, I found that they are working for me; they are working with me to get the best possible price for my house. I could afford to pay more for my other properties that I’ve bought through other agencies but I’m not going to tell them that.When I signed the contract, Rob had got the best possible price that he could get for my property.

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