Gail and Jason – SOLD in one day!

My name is Gail, My name is Jason… I’ve just recently put my house on the market with Barry Plant. That was a very bad mistake on our behalf, They said it was going to be sold within 2 weeks. They told us it was valued at $710,000 to $780,000 which was never achievable and I think they knew that as well.

And then three months had gone past, they dropped the price to us at $580,000 to which they was no okay for it. Reducing the price of the property without consent, we actually never signed for it to be dropped and at the end still demanding to be paid money for a job that was not done. How they went about their business is disgraceful.

Through a friend I was brought to Leeza from R & R Real Estate that took the job over and sold the property within one inspection. I don’t really have to say much more. She sold on the first inspection…the first inspection and she GOT MORE THAN WHAT I ASKED FOR!

What she has given us and with the commission that has been paid and it was worth every cent. She’s worth every cent…one day, it was just one day. Leeza’s fees was more than the other agents but you get what you paid for. You get a job, they get the job done. WE SOLD IN ONE DAY…and the job was done right.

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