How to Get A Higher Price

Eva, Gavin and Ken were fed up with traditional real estate agents only caring about getting a quick sale. They then met Leeza and the team from R & R Real Estate in Berwick and got the experience they were looking for. They got a great price thanks to some skillful negotiation. Thank you Eva, Gavin and Ken for sharing your story so that others can learn from your experience.

Eva: My name’s Eva.

Gavin: My name is Gavin.

Eva: We had four agents in few days and their approaches were crazy and we didn’t feel good. One of them particularly said, “If you want more than $650,000 I’m not your man”, so we knew that we could get more than $700,000. They seemed to just have everyone go through for an open inspection all at once and we thought that could be problematic.

Gavin: They want to advertise the property without any price. You can see that they are just after a quick sale at a low price, something that would serve them rather than serve us. The thing we liked was Lezza’s approach of individually bringing someone in and talk to them.

What was in the past was that agents would just bring as many people through as they can to make it look as though they’re doing a great job, but the idea isn’t to get lots of people through the house, the idea is to sell it. You only need one person to make a good sale. We wanted someone who could address the individual concerns and focus on that individual.

Lezza has some amazing magical power too; actually extract a higher price from someone.

We were all really excited, but Ken just jumped off the chair and just couldn’t stop smiling.

Gavin: I understand how things work and I am aware that there were other takers there just to get their commission. Now we had someone who could negotiate intelligently and enable people to bid more as they wished, so relative Lezza’s fees are higher than the other agents.  But the amount of money she returned more than paid for any difference. I would not mind paying just a few thousand dollars more to get someone who’s at many tens of thousands.  We’ll say whatever Lezza quotes you, you should expect another $100,000.

Ken: My name is Ken. I met one of the R&R guys who were coming to see his cousin two doors down from us.  I never really heard of R&R before and I’ve seen a few of the other agents around here and some of them don’t work. I had a property for sale in the  botanic gardens there and couldn’t get it sold. It was an open house, and so people would physically come in. Most of the time, nothing happened, nobody turned up, and you couldn’t see him doing anything apart from turning up on a Saturday to open it up. I didn’t really want somebody like that.

I’ve been looking at buying houses around here and you can just walk through and walk back out the front door. Nobody knows who you are, and you can’t get a rapport with anybody. There’s nothing personal about it at all. That’s why sometimes I personally, I would prefer to go around with an agent, opens it up and I go in and have a look myself without having ten, twenty, thirty  minutes. The house was 65 thousand more than we expected, but the percentage on that when you say it’s a little bit higher, tempted by the lower fee.

Ken: Sometimes you get what you pay for, because if you going to pay a lower fee, you’re likely going to get somebody who doesn’t put as much time into it. I’ve tried a number of other agents around here before and I haven’t fulfilled the wishes that I wanted to. I think it took us one week and we know our offer was good.

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