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Mandy and Paul had used R and R Real Estate in Berwick 2 times in the past and sold quickly for a great price. 15 years passed and it was time for Mandy and Paul to sell again. Because of how long it had been, Mandy interviewed 6 agents in the local area and was disappointed with all of them. Mandy chose R and R Real Estate for the sales of their home and had an amazing experience for the third time. Thank you Mandy and Paul for letting us share your story.

Paul: My name’s Paul. Before we chose R and R, we’d known them for 20 years and dealt with them twice previously. We did ask probably about six agents to come in and give us an appraisal on the house on what they thought it would go for on the market. And then we did we went back to old reliable. The other agents gave us a very extensive range. Some of them came in extremely low and some of them came in quite high. And obviously as a vendor, we loved the high end of the market. And then we spoke to Rob from R and R, and sort of gave him the higher end as a target that he agreed that he should be able to reach.

Started off very slowly with very few people coming through. All of a sudden, we had a massive influx, so we thought we would be better off going back to the original price and set it out for a short time and see how we went in the long term. And it worked.

Mandy: My name is Mandy. The property was in Berwick that we just sold. I don’t like open inspections because I feel like you’re being invaded. And you don’t actually get too many people and you can get negative feedback in the crowd that reflects on other people that might be interested in the property. I didn’t want to have to put everything away and move everything because it’s an open inspection.

R & R Real Estate BerwickWe were quite happy for any of the R and R people to come through. And they would always text me or give me a ring and say, “Is it okay if we come through on this date, we’ve got a serious buyer that wants to come through.” We just wanted people who are serious about the property to come through.

We’ve got a lot more traction and people coming through. People even coming back for second looks, but putting in ridiculous offers that I just wasn’t happy with. So, I said to Rob, “Put it back up. I only want serious people.” I went back into the market and did a bit more research and then I found that we were sitting on a good price with what we started with, and that’s what I wanted. So we put it back up and sold.

We started out at $698,000. We dropped to $649,000. I must admit I wasn’t too happy when they wanted to do that. He put it back up to 698 and we ended up selling for $710,000 dollars. So I got over what I wanted.

I was happy to pay a higher fee with R and R because I knew I was going to get good service. I was getting quality and more money. In the end, they were going to get me more money for my property than anyone else. Every time one of them rang me, I felt like I was a part of the family at R and R, and they gave me the service I wanted.

We’ve sold twice with R and R Real Estate. The first one round was our first little home. And we, quite honestly, the first time round, I said to my husband, “Next flyer in the mail gets my business.” And it happened to be R and R Real Estate. So I rang up Rob and he came round and he valued the house and put it on the market. We sold in ten days and we got more than what we wanted first time round and we were happy with that.

Second time round, we had bought the bigger home and everything, time to sell. Naturally we were so happy the first time round and went back to Rob the second time.  Sold the second property very quickly with him again. We got more money than what we wanted the second time round.

This time round, we thought, naturally we will go to Rob. But because I had been researching in the market and the market’s changed a lot over the years. It’s been nearly 15 years since we sold the other property. So we thought this round, we thought market’s different, let’s have a look around, check out some other agents. There’s a lot more out there, agent-wise, in the market. But in the end, straight back to Rob. He just makes us feel like family and everything runs smoothly, nothing’s a problem.

We had total control over everything with Rob. It was a case of, “Well we can sell your home and we’ll work with you when it’s convenient for you to bring people through. We don’t do open houses, we don’t bombard you with people who don’t necessarily want to buy your property, they’re just coming to look.” Rob was happy to take the time, sit as my price, get me what I wanted, and just let it flow.

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