No Up-front Advertising Charge

My name is Lorna. I sold my home in Berwick. I sold my property with R&R Real Estate. The first person to contact me was actually Maddie from R&R Real Estate in Berwick. There are a lot of other agents out there in Berwick and a lot of them seem to do very similar.

We do things differently.

R&R would do things differently. The main difference that I found was that they do not charge advertising upfront like the others did and I was able to work out at what point I would break out even if I had gone for the cheaper commission but advertising cost on top of that. In the end, it all balanced out and in fact I was better off because I got more for my home than the others were even thinking it was worth. And in fact, I had a number of calls from those agents when it went on the market and they felt like that was actually quite high. But then when the house was sold, I got the calls to say “Wow, well done”.

Sold on the third inspection

I was pleasantly surprised that within about the third inspection we pretty much had sold. The house was advertised for $985,000 and we sold it for $990,000 and I think about those other agents who were saying $930,000 to $950,000 and say see I told you so I was really pleased.

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