Sold for $36,000 more and in 3 days

Taylor wasn’t too sure how to get the best price for his property. But Brittany knew what to do, Brittany’s advice got Taylor $30,000 more than what he would without it. Taylor would have been over the moon for $550,000 so imagine how ecstatic he was when it ended up for $586,000. And on top of that, it sold after only 3 days in the market. Overall, the excellent result he got from Brittany and her team at R&R Real Estate in Berwick was definitely worth it. Thank you, Taylor, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.

My name is Taylor. I sold my property in Pakenham. The agent’s name is Brittany Jackson from R & R Real Estate. Before I contacted R & R I’d spoke to a couple of other real estate agents. It wasn’t so much about what I didn’t like about the other agents. It was more what Brittany brought to the table when she came over and got me really interested to go with R & R. So before I put the house up for sale I had all my own furniture in there which was pretty dull and blokey, and then got it furnished by someone Brittany recommended to me, and that obviously really helped in the end.

I hadn’t really thought of it to be honest, so that was good. I wanted to get the best price out of it and make the most money for myself going forward, so it was really good with the end result. I’m really happy with it.

I got told by someone that the property is worth maybe  just over the $500,000 mark, so I was going to be happy with somewhere around there. And then obviously the price I got was way over that, so I was stoked with it. The other agents were telling me around the $500,000 mark. Brittany said we’ll start high, sort of around the $550,000 but there were no promises, and yeah we got more than that.

Well, I didn’t go real deep with the other agents. It was sort of just a meet and greet and a valuation, so when we started it was about $550,000. Offers were $550,000 and above. I would have been over the moon with $550,000. Yeah, I definitely would’ve accepted a bit less than $550,000 probably $500,000 at the least. We ended up getting $586,000 for the house, so $36,000 more than the asking price. We were ecstatic with that. It was awesome.

During that day, Brittany sent me a text message saying we had an offer, so from then I was pretty excited about it and wanted to know over text. But she wouldn’t tell me until she came over, and then when she opened her booklet and showed me. I couldn’t stop smiling for about an hour, so yeah, was really happy.

I thought the price I paid for the furniture staging initially was going to be a bit much and the pain of moving everything around, but in the end I think it would’ve made me at least $20,000 or $30,000 more than what I would’ve got without it, so it really helped.

Brittany told me about how they don’t do open inspections, rather they would bring them in one at a time. When she explained the reason behind it I thought it was really good and definitely a better way to go about it. I would have thought initially that it would’ve been open inspection, but was happy to do it that way and not have just anyone walk through the house.

I think it was on the market for three days, so yeah. I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting at least a few weeks, so I definitely recommend R & R Real Estate in Berwick to anyone because they’ve been good from the start, not just Brittany but everyone else from there has helped as well and it’s been an awesome experience and an awesome time.

I was happy to pay more for R & R to sell the property because of the way they sold themselves to me and with their advertising and marketing all included in the fee, and the result that I got was definitely well worth it.

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