Totally Different Way to Sell

Linda and James never felt comfortable when interviewing traditional real estate agents to sell their home. All the other agents wanted to advertise the home for a low price to ‘generate interest’. Linda and James then met Leeza from R and R Real Estate in Berwick and their worries evaporated. They uncovered an ethical method to get the highest price for their property. Thank you Linda and James for sharing your story so other can learn from your experience.

Linda:   My name’s Linda.

James: My name’s James.

Linda: The property that we had sold was in Beaumont Waters Estate in Berwick through R&R Real Estate. We had already decided who we were going to sell our house through and I saw a piece of land in Berwick that I was interested in, so I inquired about it and Leeza gave us a call.

We spoke to a couple but a lot of them didn’t get back to us. So we had it narrowed down to two and we were pretty sure we were going to go through another one and then I spoke to Leeza and she said straight away, without even looking at the house, “I don’t think it’s the right one for you and your family.” So I thought that was a pretty interesting start too.

Linda: She was refreshingly honest which was good. And then she said, “Have you signed with an agent yet?” And I said, “No,” that we hadn’t actually signed on the line but we had planned to that week. And she said, “May I please come and have a chat to you tomorrow?”

linda_and_jamesJames: Most the other agents started deliberately at a lower $590,000+ price and their strategy was to get numbers through the door, get the volume, get the interest, and then weed out the ones that are interested from that perspective. So Leeza came at it from a totally different angle and said, “Start with a price that you really want to hit, cut all the tyre kickers out of the equation, and we’ll only need one good buyer and that’s the one we’re going to target.” That worked out really well for us.

Linda: I never felt comfortable with starting low and going high. One of the things that we’d never felt comfortable with was the going in low and trying to get high. But it just seemed like every other agent, that’s what they did. So we thought that that was the norm. And then, we found out it wasn’t always the norm.

James: They still maintained the strategy. So Leeza came with a higher commission than the other agencies, which was fine with us given that the price that we were after Lisa was quite confident that she was going get for us. And I think, as I said to Leeza, “If you can get that price you’ve earned your commission.” And she was quite willing to negotiate, was willing to really honour that price. So, it was a quite satisfying outcome.

Linda: Yes. It was quite a satisfying outcome. I think it’s one of the highest in the estate. I think it set a record.  For the size of the house and the land, I did some research and I think there are two other properties that have got higher than this house. They’re both on land that was considerably much larger in size.

We got about thirty thousand dollars more than we expected. And that was on top. The other agents wanted to start at a price nearly a hundred thousand dollars less than what Lisa got for us. But she also got an extra thirty thousand dollars more than what we were going be happy to settle with.

Linda: And we would have been happy with six fifty plus. But Lisa got a lot considerably more than the six fifty. The final selling price was six eighty.

James: So we went on holiday over that period, it worked out superbly. Communication was still active with Leeza throughout the whole process. We knew how many people had come through. We knew if any offers had come in, any realistic offers had come through. So, even we were overseas, the whole process still worked really well.

Linda: I cried when we sold! And then Leeza cried with us. It’s our family home. We’ve been here for thirteen years and raised three children. So we absolutely love the house but it is time for us to move on from this house and I know that the next family is going love it just as much as us we do.


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